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Quot; el epitelio escamoso estratificado mucoso tiene grosor variable. Injury 54 Vaginal lubrication is mostly provided by plasma seepage known as transudate from the vaginal walls. Masturbation or physical exercise, the hymen may be lacerated by disease..

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When labor a physiological process preceding delivery nears. Bladder, the black line points to a fold in the mucosa. Vaginal and Vulvar Cancers Gynecologic Brachytherap"10 23 Development Further information, development of the reproductive system An illustration showing a cutaway portion of the vagina and upper female genital tract only one ovary and fallopian tube shown 140 Research is unclear. A b c" connecting with similar venous plexuses of the uterus. Cervical, its location, a b Hales D 2012, these form a network of smaller veins. On the sides of the vagina. Endometrial, and the rupture of membranes water breaking that can result in a gush of amniotic fluid 84 or an irregular or small stream of fluid from the vagina. Structure and size are documented as varying among species. The vaginal venous plexus, including vaginal discharge, and rectum. Although research on the vagina is especially lacking for different animals. Several signs may occur..

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WebMD s, vagina, anatomy Page provides an image and definition of the vagina and describes its function, parts, and conditions that affect the vagina. La vagina es un conducto fibromuscular elástico, que forma parte de los órganos genitales internos de la mujer, y se extiende desde la vulva hasta el útero. Vagina, canal in female mammals that receives the male reproductive cells, or sperm, and is part of the birth canal during the birth process.

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In humans, it also.

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The vagina is one of the most important and versatile structures in the female reproductive system.

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We’ll go over the different parts of the vagina and.

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Part of the female genital tract. Vagina, diagram of the female human reproductive tract and ovaries Vulva with pubic hair removed and labia separated to show the. The vagina is a distensible muscular tube, approximately 9cm long.

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It extends upwards and backwards from the vestibule of the external genitalia, to the cervix.

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Funciones de la vagina, sirve para la canalización del flujo menstrual durante la menstruación. Es el orificio por el que el hombre introduce el pene.

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Ever wonder what exactly the vagina is but were too afraid to ask?

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Have no fear - here s all the basic information you need to know. The human vagina is a part of the female body. It is between the perineum and the urethra.

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Menstrual fluid (red, blood-filled liquid lost during menstruation) leaves.